2d 3ai international symposium

Art in the Age of Artificial Intelligence


Department of Audio & Visual Arts, Ionian University, Corfu, Greece

26-27 May 2024, Corfu, Greece

Joint conference with DCAC ( https://avarts.ionio.gr/dcac/2024/ )

The 1st “3AI” was held in La Louvière in Belgium on 27-28 April 2023 and was organised by Transculutures (Centre of Digital and Sound Arts, Belgium) and CiTU-Paragraphe (University Paris 8, France).
The second 3AI follows the same line as the 1st symposium. It observes that an increasing number of artworks are now inspired by or produced with advanced technologies mainly influenced by generative AI, deeply infused at the very heart of the artworks. Such development interrogates the notion of Art, including the artist and the definition of artistic approach. It also questions how artworks are discovered, exchanged, collected, and preserved. The advent of increasingly advanced digital technologies provokes profound philosophical and ethical inquiries. These ongoing transformations across artistic, cultural, economic, political, and professional realms seem to be long-lasting, with implications that have started to resonate within society.
Similar to human curiosity, the evolution of emergent technologies never stops, making us to rethink new forms of Art based on:
    * bio art: this field involves using biotechnology and living organisms, such as cells, bacteria, or plants, in artistic practice. Often exploring the ethical, social, and aesthetic implications of biotechnology.
    * Data visualisation
    * ecological concerns: in which art forms often use sustainable materials and technology to raise awareness about environmental issues.
    * generative art
    * generative writing:  methods and protocols in collaboration with artificial intelligence to develop collective intelligence by stimulating common writing.
    * robotics art, either in the creation process (robots creating art) or as a substantial part of the artwork (interactive robotic installations).
    * …
The goal of the second 3AI Symposium is twofold. First, to contribute to the discussion of various interrogations about “What makes Art today?” Second, to reflect on the new context and environment of artistic production.
Artists, artistic instruments (intelligent, extended, mixed, augmented & virtual ones), designers, producers, critics, collectors, spectators, researchers, and policymakers are all invited to be part of the presentations (conference, exhibition, podcasts, video, installation, …) and discussions (round tables, social networks).

Important dates: deadlines
* Proposals for long or short papers: March 15th, 2024
* Final Notification of selection for proposals: April 2d, 2024
* Submission deadline for proposals of artworks: March 31st, 2024
* Submission deadline for final long and short selected papers: July 12th, 2024
* Notification of selected artworks: April 9th, 2024

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