Annonce projet thèse CIFRE Fondation XRPL et Paragraphe

PhD In Blockchain : Career Prospects in the Blockchain Ecosystem: An Interdisciplinary Analysis of Social and Economic Impacts.

Applications are open to doctoral students for a 3-year paid position to conduct research at XRPL Commons, while enrolled at Laboratoire Paragraph, Paris 8.

We’re pleased to announce that XRPL Commons is embarking on a new research initiative with Laboratoire Paragraph to explore how blockchain technology shapes job markets, especially within the XRP Ledger ecosystem.

We’re seeking a doctoral candidate to delve into this topic from a real-world perspective, focusing on how blockchain adoption impacts different industries and what skills are needed.

If you’re passionate about sociology, education, or related fields and want to dive into blockchain, this three-year CIFRE position could be for you.

Apply by

May 20, 2024,

by sending your CV and cover letter to

for more details visit the announcement website :

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